About Digital Signature Certificate 

The Information Technology Act, 2000 has provisions for use of Digital Signatures on the documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. This is secure and authentic way to submit a document electronically. As such, all filings done by the companies/LLPs under MCA21 e-Governance programme are required to be filed using Digital Signatures by the person authorised to sign the documents.


The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the country is realized through the establishment of licensed CAs. The Public Key Infrastructure of India comprises the CCA and the CAs, with CCA being at the root of the trust chain in India.  CCA certifies the CA Public Keys   and issue certificate.

The Indian IT Act 2000 accords legal recognition to records in electronic for, prescribes Digital Signatures based upon asymmetric key cryptography and hash functions as the method of authenticating electronic records. Under the IT Act 2000, the Office of the Controller of Certifying Authorities is set up with the responsibility for setting up and operating the National Root CA, the National Repository and for licensing, regulating and overseeing licensed Certifying Authorities. DCs issued by any CA irrespective of whether it is in the private or Government sector are all legally valid under the IT Act. 

Classes of DSC

The type of applicant and the purpose for which the Digital Signature Certificate is obtained defines the kind of DSC one must apply for depending on the need. Previously,there was three types of Digital Signature certificates issued by the certifying authorities.Class-1,Class-2,Class-3,However since january 2021 only class-3 DSc issued by Controllor of India .

Class 3 Certificates: These certificates are used in online participation/bidding in e-auctions and online tenders anywhere in India. The vendors who wish to participate in the online tenders must have a Class 3 digital signature certificate.These are also issued to the director/signatory authorities of the companies for the purpose of e-filing with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Class-3 certificate is mandatory for individuals who have to sign manual documents while filing of returns with the ROC.Also used for Filling GST return,Incometax Filling & for applying tender of odisha government.This is a regular dsc used generally by most of the user.

There is no Class-2 Dsc since january2021.Only Class-3 Issued by Controllor of India since january 2021.

Validity period

The Certifying Authorities are authorized to issue a Digital Signature Certificate with a validity of

1*one  year  2* Two years  

Note: 3 years validity in restricted since January 2021 by Controllor of India


Benefits of a Digital signature certificate

Digital Signature Certificates are helpful in authenticating the personal information details of the individual holder when conducting business online.

Reduced cost and time: Instead of signing the hard copy documents physically and scanning them to send them via e-mail, you can digitally sign the PDF files and send them much more quickly. 

The Digital Signature certificate holder does not have to be physically present to conduct or authorize a business

Data integrity: Documents that are signed digitally cannot be altered or edited after signing, which makes the data safe and secure.

The government agencies often ask for these certificates to cross-check and verify the business transaction.

Authenticity of documents: Digitally signed documents give confidence to the receiver to be assured of the signer’s authenticity. They can take action on the basis of such documents without getting worried about the documents being forged.

How to apply for DSC

Following are the requirements /steps for Applying for Digital Signature Certificate


                       (a).DSC Application form- Duly filled  & signature  is in Blue pen only

                                                              Please download  the application form ,from download section  or

                                                              from this link http://taxcafe.in/docs/downloadform/1516264231individual-form.pdf

                                                              Mail us to........mishranayak@gmail.com

                                                              Whats app us- 9437171460 / 9437901515

                                             Fill up the form with your data with 100% accuracy of the following

                                                               1- Email ID....of person applying for 

                                                               2 -Mobile No of person applying for

                                                               3-PAN Number of person Applying for

                                                               4-ADHAR NUMBER

                                                               5-Address must filled up as per address proof only

                   (b)* Attach One Recent Passport size Photograph & crossed signed by the applicant

                   (c)*Attach  Colour scan  of ID proof i.e  PAN card

                   (d)*Attach  Colour scan  of Address proof...i.e ADHAR CARD

     Step No 2*  Send the colour scan copy of DSC Form 

                  Along with colour scan of ( pan+adhar+soft copy of photo)  to our mail Id (mishranayak@gmail.com)

                  for preliminary verification and contact our official Mrs Rupashree Jena (Cell  No-9437901515)

                  to process further.

     Step No 3* Submit the physical application copy to our office

     Step No 4* Pay or transfer  as per Service Order Prepared by our staff Member.Bank details are in service Order.

     Step No 4*Our staff member will facilitate for mobile & vdo verification by CCI.

     Step No 5*We will facilitate  for Downloading DSc with E-token. & hand over to you  within  20minutes after getting the                            physical documents from you.